Featuring cutting edge DAIWA technology innovations,

the next generation of LUVIAS,

one of DAIWA's most popular spinning reels, has arrived in 2015.

With a lighter and stronger body and refined looks like no other,

LUVIAS sets the new standard

in the world of light tackle spinning reels


MAGSEALED prevents dust and water intrusion.


Revolutionary waterproof system developed exclusively by DAIWA,

MAGSEALED involves specially magnetized oil

that forms a seal that prevents dust and water intrusion.

This epoch-making technology is perfect for reels with Digigear that requires ultimate durability and longevity.

Any gear would be useless once salt crystallization or erosion occurs inside,

no matter how precise or powerful it is.

MAGSEALED does not utilize gaskets

that cause friction affecting rotary performance,

so it delivers smooth and frictionless rotation of a gear

directly to  anglers's hand.

The longer you use MAGSEALED reel in harsh environment,

the better you would feel its benefit in keeping initial rotary performance of the reel.


New advanced drag system


ATD, the latest introduction of DAIWA technology,

is a new advanced drag system.

It starts smoothly at the beginning of a fish strike and keeps

working softly even under low pressure throughout the fight,

preventing the fish from dashing abruptly, thus avoiding the line breakage.

Its components including washer, drag grease,

main shaft and drag knob with wave spring are

almost the same as those of high end EXIST,

and additional ball bearing results in much smoother initial drag start up.


Leading to better rotary performance and

better responsiveness


As its characteristic arch shape disperse pressure, it has been hollowed out

and is lighter in weight than the previous rotor by about 10%,

leading to better rotary performance and better responsiveness.

With a decrease in weight and better rotary balance combined with

ZAION body that transmits vibration more efficiently,

the benefit of AIR ROTOR would be the greatest

in finesse lure fishing especially for trout, perch and seabass.



Making it tough and lightweight


AIR SPOOL is made with special lightweight ABS material coated by metal,

making it tough and lightweight.

AIR SPOOL RING attached to the spool also has metal coating and

is processed with titanium-ion plating technology for greater harness.

Combining lighter inner material and harder outer protection is the same as AIR BAIL

that has similar hollowed out construction, enhancing rigidity even higher.

Compared in same size, LUVIAS is one of the lightest,

and toughest among DAIWA spinning reel range


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