Tournament QDA

Solid and Tough

The new history of your big pit

Inheriting the heritage of Tournament name,

your new big pit reel is now reborn.


Its internal mechanism is newly developed.

And it allows you to feel the best DAIWA rotation quality. This mechanism is combined with the metal body, HardbodyZ. This body contributes not only the highest quality rotation but also the highest durability.


MAGSEALED at the pinion gear is protecting

the internal construction, including gears.

Employing the special magnetic oil, MAGOIL

to make the film of oil to protect Tournament QDA from intruding water.


Tournament QDA has the AIR ROTOR,

which allows us to have the light weight and strength. Light weight does not only make the total reel weight lighter, but also the rotation feeling much lighter.

Tournament Surf QDA

Tournament Surf QDA is for the people who needs solid and strong winding power for the long casting reel.

Featuring the same technologies as Tournament QDA, it allows you to explore the new field in further distance, whichever you are on the coast or on the lake.

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